Mental Health: Research and Practice (MHRP) is an online, international peer reviewed journal devoted to prevention, intervention, and promotion studies across the lifespan. We believe contemporary advanced research methodologies play substantial role in our understanding of multivariate and contextual dynamics of human mental health. Therefore, MHRP seeks articles which emphasize and employ advanced research methodologies. MHRP publishes high quality review articles, original experimental and non-experimental studies, context sensitive research including multi-level modeling, qualitative, and mixed method studies. Innovative empirical studies that significantly contribute to theory and practice in the field, using traditional research design and statistical methods are also welcomed. Lastly, MHRP seeks empirical and conceptual studies that highlight the applied and policy implications of their findings. Other types of manuscripts that will be considered for peer review and publication are meta-analyses; advanced research methods tutorials, which preferably relate to mental health research; commentaries or critiques of recently published articles; and editorials.

Note: Articles are published only electronically via publisher and the editorial board of the MHRP do not accept any responsibility for statements and opinions advanced by the authors of its articles.

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