Peer Review Process

Review Policy

The MHRP review process is handled by the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) and Associate Editors. All papers are read initially by the EIC or an AE (Action Editor) and a determination is made regarding whether to initiate peer review for the paper. Considerations include the fit of the manuscript with the MHRP Editorial Coverage Statement including sufficient breadth and potential significance and impact, adherence to the Instructions to Authors, and the written quality of the paper. Papers that are sent for peer review are read by members of the Editorial Board and Ad Hoc reviewers selected by the Action Editor for the paper.

Masked Review Policy

MHRP adheres to a double blind review process meaning that the identities of authors and reviewers are masked. Manuscripts that are peer reviewed are circulated without their title pages to mask the identity of the authors. Each copy of a manuscript should include a separate title page with authors' names and affiliations, and these should not appear anywhere else on the manuscript. Footnotes that identify the authors should be typed on a separate page. Authors should make every effort to see that the manuscript itself contains no clue to their identity.